Associate Director, Japan Client Services / アソシエ-トディレクター、日本顧客サービス(東京、日

Tokyo, Tokyo Japan


In this position, you will be responsible for managing Eurasia Group client relationships as a key member of our Japan office. Responsibilities will include researching potential new clients and projects, as well as administration, project management, and coordination of the firm’s ongoing services in Japan, including both retainer-based relationships and tailored consulting projects.





  • Ensure effective client service for Eurasia Group’s Japan clients by making sure clients have what they need, that the firm fulfills all contract obligations, and work proactively with other members of the Japan team and wider firm to make sure our Japan clients are able to access and utilize our best-in-class political analysis and other services.
  • Conduct regular analysts’ briefings and meetings with Japanese clients by arranging meetings, putting together meeting notes and schedules, translating clients’ questions ahead of the meetings and sharing with analysts, etc.   
  • Perform basic administrative sales tasks such as preparing contract documents, and activity reports, updating client databases, and helping to resolve client IT issues 
  • Organize and send out invitations for client events virtually or in Tokyo such as the annual Geopolitical Summit, ad-hoc receptions, conference calls, and marketing events 
  • Communicate externally and internally to fulfill clients’ day-to-day requests 
  • Close new sales with clients and prospects on retainer advisory service and tailored one-off projects 
  • Regularly update the client and prospect database   
  • Support the publication and finalization of Japanese deliverables and notifications 



  • ユーラシア・グループの日本のクライアントに対して、クライアントが必要とするものを確実に提供し、契約上の義務を履行するための役割を担う。また、日本チームの他のメンバーを中心とした社内メンバーと積極的に協力し、日本のクライアントが当社の最高水準の政治分析やその他のサービスにアクセスし活用できるよう対応する
  • 日本の顧客に向けたアナリストによる定期的なブリーフィングの実施を支援(ミーティングの手配、メモやスケジュールの作成、アナリストとの情報交換等)
  • 契約書の作成、顧客のアクティビティレポートの作成、顧客データベースの更新、IT関連トラブルの対応
  •  弊社主催のイベント(サミット、レセプション、電話会議、マーケティングイベント等)に携わるチームの支援。イベントの招待状を作成し、顧客に向けて配信
  • 顧客のリクエストに応じて、社内外の連携を円滑に実施
  • 通常のアドバイザリーサービスとカスタマイズされた単発プロジェクトの両方において、既存顧客やリードへの新規セールスの成約を支援
  • 顧客とリードに関するデータベースを定期的に更新
  • 日本語での成果物の作成と配信をサポート


You will have a minimum of 3 years of working in a Japanese business environment with experience in business development, sales, and management. Through your past career, you have developed a solid understanding of the Japanese business world, and experience in building and supporting multiple client relationships in an entrepreneurial environment. You will have a background in the Japanese business sector, a demonstrable familiarity with Japanese business culture, and a strong interest in foreign affairs and politics. Exceptional organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks and priorities are required for this position.

You will have at a minimum an undergraduate degree in a relevant field; a Master’s degree is preferred, but not required. Advanced Japanese language skills are required, native-level preferred. All applicants must be eligible to work in Japan.